Maintenance plan

Weekly: Visually check the general condition of the sunlounger, removing any dirt and ensuring that there are no breaks or damage that could be dangerous for users.

Monthly: Check that the aluminium structure does not have any deep scratches. Check the correct tension of the fabric. Ensure that the strength and structural stability of the sunlounger is correct. Check the state of all the screws, plugs, blocks and plastic stops.

Annual: Check the state of the fabrics and their tension. Verify the correct functioning of the backrest and the regulator. Repair possible deficiencies in paint. Replace the plastic stops and accessories that may be in bad condition.

Hibernation or storage: Clean the product with soapy water and a soft cloth. Eliminate traces of rust, humidity and sea salt. Store the deckchairs in a dry environment and in a horizontal position.

  • Always use Balliu spare parts.
  • Balliu does not manufacture spare parts for other brands.
  • If the equipment is subject to severe use, the maintenance plan should be increased.
  • Do not use the product before the maintenance has been completed.
  • Consult maintenance instructions.
  • Do not use aggressive chemicals to clean the couch. Always use products with a neutral pH.
  • Use a soft cloth to clean the product.