About us

Balliu was born thanks to the concern and vision of our founders, Mr. Josep Balliu García and Mrs. Carmen Falgueras Ribas.

Since is inception the company focused on the design and manufacture of garden furniture with the aim of offering the best products to the market.

At the end of the century, we became a reference point for the entire outdoor furniture sector, producing many deckchairs, chairs and other accessories for professionals in the hotel and leisure industry. Initially, we consolidated the export of our products to the best hotels around the world.

At present Balliu, we are present in more than 80 countries and we are consolidated as a specialist in outdoor furniture, providing tradition, experience and at the same time innovation and design.



We work every day to meet our customer's needs and to be able to give excellent levels of satisfaction.


A professional, young and experienced team; highly motivated to offer you the best service.


We respect the environment, we offer eco-friendly products.


We are manufacturers. We make the most comfortable, safe, and durable products in the market.


We combine Know How & Creativity to always develop the best products.


With over 45 years of constant research & development, we obtain the best results in functionality, comfort and durability of our products to satisfy our customers.

Our products combine the best technical ideas with the latest trends in design.


Balliu specializes in the use and transformation of resins and aluminium.

The raw materials that we use are custom and exclusively developed for our products.


The color brings our ideas to life and allows us to create the different Balliu atmospheres.

We offer a wide range of colors, from the most traditional and flagship colors of our brand to the newest and trendy ones.


Balliu has been pioneer in the use of textile sling for sun loungers, contributing with design and innovation in order to offer the best selection for outdoor products.


Balliu designs its products to satisfy the most demanding customers and at the same time guarantee the quality and durability through the best human and technological resources.

Balliu complies with the environmental regulations in all of its working areas.


We test every single product that leaves our factory.

Balliu is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, enhancing our manufacturing and operations processes, with total respect of the environment.

Our best warranty is to offer durable, comfortable and sustainable products.